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What To Bring

What To Bring

We Provide

  • a top-of-the-line self-bailing raft
  • wetsuit, booties, splash jacket
  • PFD (life jacket) rated for the sport of rafting
  • a Deli lunch on the river
  • highly skilled guides

 ARC rafts rain or shine so be ready

The weather in eastern Washington is usually sunny; however, sometimes we get welcome precipitation at the wrong time!  Rain doesn’t affect rafting, it just means you’ll get wet from both directions!  Rainy or windy days can get cool though, so to ensure your comfort, bring a warm jacket of fleece, nylon, or Gore-Tex.  A wool shirt or sweater is a good choice or, for maximum warmth, wear polypropylene long underwear under your wetsuit. You may want to wear polypropylene or fleece socks, too.  The most important thing to remember is:

NEVER wear COTTON on the river!  Cotton doesn’t wick cold away from you; it will hold it against you, making you colder than if you were wearing nothing.  If it’s a cool day, be sure you have warm clothes to change into after your trip.

What to bring or wear for all trips:

  • Swimsuit
  • Waterproof sunscreen
  • Inexpensive sunglasses
  • Hat or visor
  • Waterproof, disposable camera if desired
  • Smile

Reminder:  Don’t bring or wear expensive or sentimental items on the river.  The River Goddess loves sacrifices especially valuable ones!

On an Overnight trip, you’ll also need to bring:

  • Tent
  • Mattress pad
  • Sleeping bag
  • Flashlight
  • Personal items: Toothbrush/paste, brush or comb, biodegradable soap, wash cloth
  • Sturdy shoes or shoes appropriate for a camping environment, socks
  • Warm jacket, hat, gloves
  • A pair jeans or sweats, sweater or sweatshirt
  • Shorts, T-shirt
  • Bug Spray

What should I expect on my trip?

Our professional, friendly guides will greet you at the meeting place (which is also the take-out).  This is where you’ll leave your locked car with your clothes.  We’ll outfit you with the necessary river wear and if the weather is rainy or cold, you’ll also wear the warm clothes you brought.  When everyone is ready, we’ll board the bus and be off!  At the put-in, you’ll be instructed in every aspect of how to sit in the boat and paddle.  Please ask any questions you have so you’ll feel confident in your ability.  Expect to be wet!   You’ll paddle, crash waves, throw water on each other, tell jokes, sing songs, get a tan, and make great memories.  At a chosen point on the river, we’ll stop for a Deli lunch.  Upon arrival at the end of our adventure, you’ll change into your dry things while you imagine telling your friends about the day.  These stories usually start, “No kidding, suddenly there I was”!

If you have special dietary needs or health conditions.

Please advise us before your trip, in case we need to bring additional provisions.
Thank You!