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How safe is rafting?

With Action Rafting Co. you’re rafting with professional, skilled guides with many years of guiding experience and safety training.  We’re a WA state licensed, registered outfitter.  There are inherent risks with rafting as in any adventurous activity.  We will teach you how to respond to things happening on the river before we leave shore and we will use all our skills to afford you a safe and wonderful trip.  For more information, please go to our waiver form.

When is the best time to go rafting?

There is no best time (it’s all great!), just different types of trips.  The rivers we run are fed by snow run-off.  As the weather warms, the rivers rise.  Only Mother Nature controls the rate that this occurs and how long it lasts.  Each year is different but a typical season starts in late April with colder temperatures & lower water; then in mid to late May the weather warms up, the levels get high and remain high through mid-June. The levels begin to drop then and July & early August are perfect for children and those who prefer a little less challenge while still getting very wet!  When you call us, we’ll advise you of current conditions and help you decide the experience you’re looking for and the best time to achieve it.

How old do I have to be?

All ages can raft safely but there are age requirements for certain types of trips.  You must be at least 13 and accompanied by an adult to raft during high water.  Consult with the Action Rafting representative for exact age requirements for your desired trip.

Do I have to paddle? Is it hard?

Most trips will require you to paddle.  We’ll show you how to properly hold and use your paddle before we go.  The water level at the time of your trip will determine how much effort you’ll use.  If you have questions, please ask the Action Rafting Co. representative when you call.

What do I need to bring with me?

Action Rafting Co furnishes all the necessary equipment for a safe, successful trip.  This includes a wetsuit, booties, a life jacket specifically for rafting, and a paddle.  You need to bring a swimsuit to wear under the wetsuit.  It’s highly recommended that you bring waterproof sunscreen, a hat, visor, or inexpensive sunglasses.  DON’T wear anything valuable or that has sentimental value as the River Goddess loves sacrifices.

What if it's cold?

If the weather is cool, wet, or you get cold easily, you will need to bring warm clothes.  The most important rule is NEVER wear COTTON on the river.  Cotton wicks away body heat and leaves you colder than wearing nothing.  Bring fleece, nylon, or polypropylene.  Long underwear of one of these fibers is great under your wetsuit if the weather is chilly.  Nylon windbreakers stop the wind and are great for keeping your torso dry and warm.

How cold is the water?

The water was snow a short time ago!  The temperatures vary between 30-45 depending on the time of year.

Why is a deposit required?

ARC requires a 50% payment no later than two weeks prior to your reserved date.  This is because the date and space has been set aside for you and our arrangements (scheduling guides, equipment and any special needs) are made in advance.

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